Building Community on Floor

Unify people of similar interests and goals to form an Online Community on Floor. Learn how.

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The term online community refers to a group of people who are unified by common interests, goals, and opinions who meet in a virtual area. An online community helps to increase brand recognition and revenue.

Creating an online community is an effective marketing strategy. In comparison to brands attempting to gather feedback through focus groups or customer research, brands with online communities will have a tremendous advantage.

Let's see how to form a virtual community in a few simple steps below:

Step 1: We will start first with the Floor website ie

Click on Create to build on your own Community as highlighted in the yellow.

Step 2: You will come across the below page. Now options are available to sign in and choose a suitable sign-in method.

You will receive an email to proceed further. Click on the Click here to verify blue button.

Step 3: Customise your floor link here or choose later.

Step 4: Select "Community Mode" and make sure to make it private as shown in the below image.

Step 5: Select the event type as shown in the below GIF.

Now select the event type: Which all areas would you like to add to your community.

Step 6: Fill in the required details.

After filling in the details. Your event will be successfully created. Now click on the blue button yellow highlighted in the below image.

Step 7: Click on Enable Camera & Mic. by Clicking on "Allow" once you get the pop-up and test your setup before you Enter Floor.

Step 8: Here you can see your community wherein all the members can engage and network with one another. They can post messages, questions, polls and images. Also, you can feature your sponsors.

Step 9: Refer to this article to know how does this community work.

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