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How to update your company profile on 10times
How to update your company profile on 10times

View or modify company details, request company page, flag errors etc.

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We provide you with complete access to edit your company profile, independently.ย 

To modify your company profile

  • Login to your Dashboard Account

  • Select the company by drop-down option by clicking on the small arrow as highlighted in the image (in case, you have multiple companies), which you want to edit, from the top left corner.

  • You will find the edit button beside, as shown in the screenshot below:

  • After clicking on "Edit", you will see the below screen.

  • You are entitled to make the enlisted requests/ modifications:

  • Just click on the "Edit" option as highlighted in the below image:

1.Company/ business information and company logo

2. Public business information helps customers recognize your business and understand your products and service.

3. Business Settings which allows you to modify User access on 10times, manage events, download company reports and manage your services and billings

  1. Contacts & Admins - You can add admins and event managers from here and manage them, refer to this article for more understanding.

  2. Events - By clicking on events you will be re-directed to the events. set up your event by clicking here.

3. Billing & Services - Your invoices and billing details will be shown here.

4. Help & Support - You can chat with us by clicking on this option and send your queries and concern. Our experts will provide you with solutions immediately.

5. Report & Analytics - You can check your company's analytics by referring to this article.

6. Review & Delete: Events in drafts added mistakenly can be deleted or you can merge them. Kindly refer to this article for help.

Note: The company profile can be edited only through Administrators and not by the event managers.
The request goes to our QC team. It will verify the facts and approve/ reject within 48 working hours. You shall receive the intimation on the registered email ids.

You can refer to the below video for help:


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