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Content - enrich your event strength to enhance its visibility
Content - enrich your event strength to enhance its visibility

What and how can all details about your event be added on 10times to get more traction and boost its visibility on the platform

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10Times connects professionals with the right information & people at the right place and time.

Adding an event on 10times is free of cost. Please review our event submission guidelines before submitting events on the platform as we follow strict quality guidelines for what can be listed on the platform.

How to get your event listed

Step 1: Go to If you are a new user and listing your event for the first time then you first need to create your profile. Preferably, use your business email id.

To create a new password, click on forgot password.
You would instantly receive a verification email to reset your password.

Kindly verify and proceed.

Step 2: Once you are logged in to the organizer dashboard, click on the blue icon "Add Event".
Select the Format, whether it is an Exhibition, Conference, Workshop or Meet-X
Select the type of event whether In-person (Physical) Online or Hybrid and click on "PROCEED"

Step 3: A form will pop up to enter event Basic Information. Fill in the required details and the mandatory fields about your event.

Click on LAUNCH EVENT after completing the details
โ€‹Please Note:

  1. Avoid adding numbers, edition, dates, years, special characters, and also words like - Bazaar, Sale, Holiday, Market, Tour, etc. in the Event name.

  2. Avoid using contact number, email id and website links in description. Also make sure the description is at least of 250 characters.

  3. Please Review before choosing Event Privacy PUBLIC/PRIVATE

Step 4: After you have successfully launched the event, the page will open which will ask you to add further Event Details.


  • It is recommended that you fill in all the fields and enrich event content up to 90%.

  • Though 30% Event Strength is mandatory for it to get approved

Step 5: Once the event is submitted for approval, it will be saved in draft.

Step 6: In case, of Public Event, make sure to check the Eligibility criteria by enabling the option on "Publish", Here you will find a pop up which will appear to help Add Details.

Get 500 Free Credits

Credits are used to send invites to your potential audience like exhibitors and visitors mainly. To get free credits you need to add more event information and enhance your event strength up to 100% as possible.

BASICS: You will get 100 free credits if you complete your "Basic" information as highlighted in the below screenshot.

ENRICH: Further, if you "Enrich" your event and complete the highlighted fields as shown in the screenshot you will get 200 free credits.

BOOST: To get 200 more free credits you can add more event information as highlighted in the below screenshot:

Organizers whose all three fields will be filled will get 500 free credits in total.

Each section has been assigned different numbers of credits. Only after filling all three fields, you will be assigned a total of 500 free credits.

Refer to this article to know how to use credits.

BASICS: Helps the Event to be Visible.

  1. Event date and other basic information

  2. Event Description

  3. Frequency of Event

ENRICH: This information will help you get a Conversion of Leads.

  1. Highlights of the Event.

  2. Estimated Visitors

  3. Estimated Exhibitors

  4. Products & Services

  5. Booth Pricing

  6. Event Logo

BOOST: This helps to Drive Footfall to the Event.

  1. Event Tagline

  2. Event Photos & Videos

  3. Social Handle Links

  4. Floor Plans

The event will be submitted for verification to our QC team, which might take up to 48 business hours to review and approve/ reject the request.

On approval, the event would be seen in "Upcoming Events" category.

In case of rejection, it would still be in drafts with a notification "pending action":

You can check the reason for rejection and can amend it by clicking on the link highlighted below and can submit again:

Important Note: The more the information you fill in, about the event, the more will be its visibility on the platform. The recommended strength of the event is at least 90%

It takes up to 48 business hours for our quality team to audit the details entered. The team approves and publishes the event on 10times if the event adheres to our Event Submission Guidelines. You will receive a system-generated email informing you whether the event has been approved/rejected.

Kindly refer to the below video for a better understanding.

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