How to add an online Event on 10times?

Make your events virtual/digital via dashboard and engage more audience at the comfort of their own homes or offices.

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Events always have a way of bringing people together. It’s time to invite your brand and your audience to an online event. Virtual Events are in trend these days as "New Normal" after covid wave.

An online or virtual event is an interactive event that occurs entirely online or on the web rather than in a physical location. Similar to live in-person events, they are very engaging and have a high level of energy.  

Over the past few months, Virtual Events have emerged as a new marketing channel for companies. This helps businesses to connect with increasingly larger audiences through their virtual engagement platforms, irrespective of time and location. Virtual events are now becoming an integral part of corporate marketing strategies.

Unlike physical events, virtual events are highly interactive and user-friendly and can be designed as per the requirements of attendees.

10times also has now provided a facility to the organizers to make their Events Virtually live on the platform to attract more audiences at the ease of their homes.

How to Set-up a virtual event?

Adding a Virtual event via dashboard is as simple as adding a normal event, just a few more steps to follow,

  • Enable Virtual/Online Event tab: While adding an Event on the dashboard, there is an option available to select whether an in-person or online event.

  • The venue button will be locked/hidden in this case and you would be able to add a Weblink instead to allow people to connect online for your event.

  • While adding your online event, you need to select the event type i.e Virtual in case of an online event. (Refer to screenshot below).

  • Keywords like Webinar, Online or Virtual: Add these searchable keywords in the Event Description that is great for SEO and helps attendees find events. Let your attendees know this is a virtual event so there isn’t any confusion. 

  • Add preferred time zone: On the Event Overview page, add the time zone of your event so that your event timings match the time zone you are in. More importantly, it is useful for the visitors who can add your event to their calendar as per the time zone you have set.

Your event's time zone is important, and the start and end date/time for your online event is based on this setting. Make sure you set this correctly to avoid confusion with attendees, and ensure they are available at your event at the right time.

Private Event: If it is a private event and need not be published on 10times platform, then Select Private as highlighted below in the screenshot:

  • Add a Webinar or Livestream link to your Agenda page: Since virtual events do not have any venue, it has to be processed through a web link. So first and foremost, create a web link from any of the major virtual conference tools like GotoMeeting, Zoom, BlueJeans, and more. or Create our GoLive Virtual platform powered by dashboard.  Follow the steps below to add the weblink to your virtual event:

  1. Click on Agenda and Schedule tab from the Content section:

2. On the Agenda page, click on +Add Sessions . (Refer to the below screenshot).

3. Add all the necessary details along with the additional Webcast/Session URL.

It’s important to choose the right virtual conference tool. There are many virtual solutions available in the market. But it is advisable that you should go for an event-specific tool that is customized as per industry needs. 10times provides you with a virtual event suite- GoLive which is a one-stop solution to manage, market, and monetize virtual events.

3. Click on the "OR CREATE" button to activate and create our GoLive Virtual Platform for your Live Stream Conferencing via Dashboard.

4. Add the Speakers, Host, Admin, or Moderators from "+Add Speaker" and fill in the necessary details.

Once all the speakers/host/moderators/admins are added and the session details are filled, click on Save & Publish.

The weblinks of your Virtual Event will be automatically created.

Click here to Schedule a Demo on how you can use our GoLive Virtual Platform to engage with your audience and set up hassle-free online meetings.

  • Send your event for review to our team to publish the same on 10times.

The venue will be hidden on the 10times page and instead "Online" will be added so that it's clear to the audience that it is an online event.

When was the last time you hosted an online event? If the answer is no then it's time to go virtual. Go virtual and explore the ways in which it benefits your businesses.

For further clarification, you may also refer to our respective videos on YouTube

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