How to join the session on FLOOR

Having trouble using pin/ badge/ ticket ID. I can't log in the session.

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Having issues while attending sessions on FLOOR. Logging issues.

There are multiple ways in which you can join the session on FLOOR. Kindly refer to the steps below:

โ€‹1. Login by Confirmation Email:

  • Search for the confirmation email from 10times on the registered email id.

Once you click on the "Click To Join" button you will join the session.

2. Login using Pin/ Ticket Id via confirmation Email.

Mostly in the paid events organizer assign badges to their attendees 1 or 2 days before their event to avoid unwanted crowds.

You need to enter the Pin/Ticket given in our registered email address.

See the highlighted area and refer to the below image.

3. Using the Joining Code.

Refer to the below "Joining code" shown below.

Copy the joining code highlighted in the above image and paste it into the below-highlighted area.

After pasting the code on the above-highlighted area. Click on the Join button.

You will be entered into the session.


  • You need to use only the registered email id because the same email id will have access to the event.

  • Use the Ticket ID assigned to you. That is your unique ticket id.

  • Please remember that your link will always take you to the first session of the event. In case, it shows over, go to STAGE (left panel) and join the LIVE Session. You will have the access to all the sessions unless private.

  • The Event is best experienced from your Laptop/ Desktop and on latest Chrome Browser (preferably).

  • Please maintain a good internet connection throughout to have a better experience. You may refresh the event page if required. Also, you may log out and log in again.

  • Kindly keep the mic/ cam allowed. Refer to Checklist while accessing FLOOR.

  • If there is any Proxy server , firewall , VPN Installed, either remove it or use another system.

  • Please be informed that FLOOR does not work in countries where VOIP is banned. (Guyana, Venezuela, Kuwait, Libya, North Korea, Oman and Qatar).

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