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My event got rejected. How to re-submit?

Know why your events are rejected and how to submit for review. How to get your event published.

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Please refer to Event Submission Guidelines to know what kind of events 10times lists.

In case the event shows in draft, please click here to know how to submit it for review.

If your event falls within these guidelines and even then got rejected, it will show under "Pending Actions" in your dashboard.

Click on this below highlighted "Rejected" to see the reason with which it has been rejected and what to make right.

Once you have made the corrections, kindly hit on "Publish My Event" which will be submitted for quality check again and will be approved then.

Below are a few possible reasons and their tips to improve:

FAQ 1: Event name Rejection - Reasons and Tips

  • "Event name contains date/year/short name/edition number/special character"

Things to avoid/ Not Allowed

  • Edition Number (1st, 2nd and so on)

  • Event Dates

  • Event Year (2020, 2021 etc)

  • Special Characters ( : () , - & . / @ : + ! ?)

  • Complete Name in UPPERCASE or lowercase (Only first letter of each word should be in Capital)

  • Valid Event Name: India Art Fair
    Invalid Event Name: 3rd edition IAF, India Art Fair 2020

  • Improper Text Formatting

Note: You will get separate tabs to enter each detail so avoid adding them in the Add Event section in dashboard.

  • "Event name not found/mismatch with that on your event website"

If the Event name added in Dashboard, does not match with the official website of the Event, it will be rejected. For eg, if the Event name in the website says "India Art Fair" but in Dashboard if you entered the name as "India Art & Craft Fair", this will be immediately rejected. Thus the details should be matching the website too.
Make sure all details match accurately with those on your website. Even minor changes in critical information like dates, venue, name spotted by the quality team lead to rejection.

  • "Event name not in proper/title case"

The event name has to to be in proper title case , it cannot be added as a lower case only as a upper case only, both will be rejected.

Valid Event Name: India Art Fair
Invalid Event Name: INDIA ART FAIR or india art fair

FAQ 2: Event Date - Rejection and Tips

While it’s important to understand the essential elements of a successful event, it’s imperative that some details are most important to enter- specifically event date, time, and location and its accuracy is important for the visitors as they plan their visit accordingly.

  • "Event dates do not match with that on your event website"

While Event dates are important and mandatory detail on Dashboard, it is also required to match on the event's official website too. This is to ensure the transparency and trust to the visitors and that they do not find any wrong information being posted on our platform for your event. Make sure the dates are matching with that on your website to avoid any confusion to the visitors.
E.g 1, If your event date is 5-6 July'20 and your website is updated with the old edition dates (9-10 July'19), in that case the event will be rejected by our team.
E.g. 2, If your event date is 5-6 July'20 but your website does not have any dates displayed for your event and could not be found by our team, it will be rejected

FAQ 3: Event Venue/Location/City/Country - Rejection and Tips

  • "Event venue does not match with that on your event website"

Approval also depends on the right venue or location entered. The right venue helps the visitors to find the location in maps so that they can plan their time of visit accordingly. Thus, always keep the venue as accurate in the dashboard along with its correct address.
Do check the correct city entered from the dropdown and the correct address of the venue from the Keywords tab. Incase you still cannot find the venue from the dropdown, Add the Google Map url to find the exact location.

One can also select "Skip" incase the venue is not decided yet or not updated on the website.

  • "Event city/country does not match with that on your event website"

The Event's city and country needs to be entered correctly as announced on the website. If an event is postponed/cancelled and its happening in a new city, make sure to update it on the website first and then add an event with the same city.

FAQ 4: Event's Description - Rejection and Tips.

Writing an event description that wins over attendees is both a science and an art. By knowing what information to prioritize. You can write an event description that helps you reach more people and attract more audience in your event. 

  • "Event description is not relevant/inappropriate with that on your event website"

If you want to attract more audience, you need to know what draws people to your event in the first place. The words in your event description can increase the odds that interested people will discover your event through search engines like Google — known as search engine optimization (SEO). Thus, your description should be relevant to your event's topic and highlight its benefit to the attendees. It should not contain any derogatory remarks, fraudulent words and abusive language and should always match with that from your website.

  • "Event description contains special character/symbol/improper text formatting"

Presenting your description is also on of the important aspect to attract the audience attention. Avoid adding any special characters like @,#,$,%, etc. Always make the text easy to read.The text formatting should be in Title Case. Organize your writing and make sure it’s skimmable.

FAQ 5: Event Website- Rejection and Tips

  • "Your website is not working at our end"

With the number of global internet user reaching to 7 Billion, it is easy to argue that event website is indeed a potential marketing tool.The convenience and potency it offers to both organizers and attendees is outstanding. Not having an event website directly results in decreased credibility.

Make sure your website is accessible via all browsers and is not under construction. We consider only those events which have a LIVE website. The domain should be updated and relevant to the company name and should be the official website of the Event and not a third party link.

If an event doesn’t have an event website, it has closed the door to a good number of potential attendees by not having an online presence. You should be where your attendees are, hence, open the doors where your attendees can reach you.

FAQ 6: Event not found - Rejection and tips

  • "Event not found on website"

Enter a direct link to your event website (with specific page path) instead of a generic / parent link. Make sure all event details are clearly visible on the landing page. All the Event details should be updated and correct specially, Date, venue, city, etc.

FAQ 7: "Event organizer does not match with that on your event website"

Adding company information and contacts is the idea which makes sense. This way, you will allow potential guests and clients to approach you and ask about the other details of your event, so don’t make a rookie mistake and forget to provide them with some basic information. The company/organizer name should match with the one mentioned in your website.
Incase you have co-organizers or sponsors for your event, add the details only of the main organizing company and not any sponsor or event management.

FAQ 8. "Incorrect event type selected"

On Dashboard, the correct Event Type needs to be described even before adding the event. It helps the event to be categorized in terms of audience and their intent to visit. There are four types if Events as described on the platform, Conference, Exhibition, Workshop and MeetX

The correct format should be chosen so that the visitors can identify the Events type correctly and plan their visit.
For eg.; If the Event is "India Art Expo" the Event type should be "Exhibition" and not conference.
Incase the wrong event type is selected and the event got rejected due to this, you can change it from Event Overview page and resubmit to review again.

FAQ 9: "Wrong/Irrelevant categories has been mapped"

Categories helps the visitors to search their event in the correct Industry type. Make sure to choose the most relevant category of the Event in the Event Overview page which specify the Industry of the event. Maximum 2 relevant categories needs to be entered.

For eg.; If the event is "India Health Expo", the categories relevant to the event is - Medical & Pharma and Wellness, Health & Fitness.

FAQ 10: Your event has been marked as duplicate by 10times.

This is the most common reason organizer came across that their event got rejected due to a Similar event listed on 10times. In this case, your event is already listed on 10times you just need to claim it. To know how your event got listed please click here

You need to claim your event by referring to this article.

FAQ 11: "We do not list this type of event"

10times is a professional platform and used by professionals with an aim to grow their network for business, professional networking, career growth, personal learning & development. Hence we only allow events which are professional in nature like trade shows, conferences, consumer fairs, networking events, workshops etc to be listed and does not allow casual, personal and entertainment events like concerts, festivals, parties, music shows, award shows, reunions, college fest, etc.

Please follow the Event Submission guidelines to know in detail, what kind of events are accepted on our platform. Also, quickly refer to the table below:

For any rejection related query, mail us at and one of our Customer Support Executive team will assist you.

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