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What are the various session activities for an attendee/ delegate on FLOOR
What are the various session activities for an attendee/ delegate on FLOOR

Users FAQs. What all options does an attendee have on FLOOR

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Virtual Events will become boring and one-sided if we they are not interactive, speakers and audience cannot exchange views, ask questions and interact face to face.

Keeping the above aspects in mind, and let the audience have the feel same as in on-site events, we provide several multi-session activities for them.


​Partners: Using this option, you can hide/ view the default menu bar (sponsor/ QnA/ Discuss/ Panelists) on screen. If you hide the ticker by clicking on it, the screen of the stage would enlarge.

Discuss: We make sure that you engage with your fellow attendees and can do networking with them in public forum via chat/ messages.

You can also drop and exchange business cards with one another

QnA: Here, you may write your questions. As and when possible, the speaker may choose to answer them during the session. When your question will be picked up by the panelist, you will see a broadcast message on your screen.

Panelist: You can view all the panelists with bifurcation as Host, Moderator, Speakers and Admins and their respective profile from here. Also, you can connect with them via messages, by clicking on their profile picture.

Polls - Host may release polls anytime during the session. You may submit your answers while they are active. It is at the discretion of the host whether to broadcast the result of the polls to the public or not.

Handouts: You can view handouts, uploaded by the organizer, from here. All the handouts uploaded by the organizer at event level or viewed by you in any session will also get added to the digital handout bag on the top right of your screen.

Also, you may send the required Handouts πŸ“° directly to your Mailbox πŸ“© in just One Click:

Audience: With this option you can view all your audience/ users, their profiles and can also chat with them via messages by clicking on their profile picture.

Note: You can also view other users' profile by referring to this article

Also, you may find the above two icons on bottom right of your screen which function respectively as below:

Share & Invite: You can invite your friends to the event using their email id.

And, you may also share the event on social media channels like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn

Now you can invite any user from the lobby directly to the discuss forum (one-to-one chat) or to the lounge tables. The invitees would receive a notification instantly about Where and By Whom they are being requested to "Join"

If you are in discuss tab on stage then they would land on discuss forum after clicking on "Join" and if you invite them from lounge table, then they would directly be lading on the table by opting "Join" tab in their notification.

Note: You can invite maximum 10 users at a time.

Share Selfie on Social Links: You can also take your selfie in the Selfie Booth at the event and share it on your social links. Just Go to Share > Take Selfie > Select the social media channel (Facebook/ LinkedIn/ Twitter) where you want to share this selfie.

Exit the screen - You may any time leave the session in between by clicking on this icon.

On Exiting the event, you also get an option to give your Feedback about the event.

This includes giving ratings and comments, if any.

On the Top Right of your screen, besides your profile picture, you may find the below options:

Digital Handout Bag: All the handouts uploaded by the organizer at the event level and viewed by you from any session would show here. You can regress to this option and download/ view anytime.

Also, you can send them to your mailbox by selecting the required Handouts and clicking on "Send to Mailbox" highlighted below.

Troubleshoot: This option will let you know your internet strength, your camera and microphone settings. If all is well and still you face any issues, you may click on reboot.

Profile: You can edit your profile by clicking on the picture and can also Log Out.

Kindly refer to this article to know how to Update Profile

Note: These options can be seen on the right side of your screen of laptop/ PC and mobile users can find them at the footer of their screen.

Footer Menu on Stage

Raise a hand - When being asked by the host/ speaker, you may click on this option to ask a question. If the host picks it up to answer, you get a chance to come on stage and share the screen in person with the speaker.

By clicking again on this hand icon, you can put your "Hand Down"

Like - This is quite self explanatory, you may use this option anytime in between the session, n number of times, if you agree with the speakers, their presentation, express your happiness for the platform etc.

Stream Quality: You can select video streaming quality whether you want HD or Low Definition Streaming

Full Screen: You can enlarge your screen by clicking on the highlighted button below. And then can get back to normal by clicking again on the same or clicking Esc.

Expand: You can expand screen to hide the sponsor ticker/ session activity display from right section of the screen


On the left of your screen you will find certain landing pages as captured below, to update yourself about the event and network with other participants.

FLOOR - A user can click on this icon "Floor", to see the complete layout of the event.

Be it 3D block view or 3D layout (as per organizer discretion)

You can view the complete placement of speakers, the VIP lounges, booths, sponsors, networking tables and agenda & schedule of the event. Also, you can directly land on the required page by clicking the option from here.

Stage - This will show you about all the sessions/ rooms of the event. The one which are ongoing or about to start (in green) or which are scheduled later (in blue) and those which have ended (in grey). The number 2 implies that two simultaneous sessions are ongoing.

Lobby - This will show you the list of the fellow attendees. You can search any attendee by name or company.

Lounge - We ensure that you network and have personal meetings with your fellow attendees when desired. Here, you can grab a seat and network with them any time during the event. This will let you leave the ongoing session and join your private meet. If you want you may again switch back to the live session.

VIP Lounge - If any of the VIPS are present in their rooms then you can message them and can grab private meetings with them, at their discretion.

Booths - You can see all the participating exhibitors, their profiles, download their brochures. Also, if they are available, you may message them and can grab meeting with them at their discretion. If the exhibitors are in their room and available for meeting, it would show you in blue color as below. Else, they would show "Busy".

You can browse booths using Tags/ Categories filter at the bottom right of your screen in Booths section. Also, you can Search any booth by name from the option at the left.

Please refer to the screenshots here:

You can also fix appointments/ pre-schedule meetings with the exhibitors. To know more, please refer to this article.

​Helpdesk - If you face any issues during the event, you may reach out to people available at the reception and share your concern.

You can also refer to the FAQs and Tutorials from helpdesk/ support top left options

Feeds: You can post your feeds/ thoughts about the session from here and can watch & like others' feeds as well.

​Please Note:

  • Use Laptop/PC and chrome browser for better user experience. iPAD / mobile phone not recommended.

  • Ensure good internet speed (Min. 1.4 MBPS)

  • Allow permission to camera/mic while logging in.

  • Always use your registered email id/ invite link/ Pin to login.

  • Please do not share your link as it is your unique login link.

  • Please refer to checklist while logging in

  • If your system has a Firewall installed, kindly use your high speed hotspot.

  • If you are using a Mac, install chrome browser and then open the joining link.

  • Still, if you are facing issues while logging in, kindly Report your Issue, on the log in page itself. Please refer to this article for the same.

Watch this video below on our YouTube channel to have better understanding


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