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How to report an issue, you are facing while logging in FLOOR?
How to report an issue, you are facing while logging in FLOOR?

Facing issue while logging in? Please report and get it resolved immediately

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We have come across a few scenarios when a user faces issues while logging in and is unable to join the FLOOR. There might be a number of reasons for this:

  • You are not using the same email id with which you registered and on which the badge/ pin was generated.

  • You are entering the invite code and badge id/ pin at the incorrect places.

If the above reasons do not suffice then you may report and describe your issue on the login page via link highlighted below:

Once you click here, a form will open wherein first we recommend you to refer to the Frequently Asked Questions links pertaining to badge id/ invite code.

However, if that does not help either, then you may describe your issue in the respective box and Submit. The query will be raised to our concerned team who would address and get back to you at the earliest.


You may also refer to this Checklist for the seamless experience on FLOOR

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