Organizers often get confused while assigning roles to the participants as they are not clear about which role has which all controls on FLOOR. There is a slight difference in the roles of Admin & Host and Speaker & Moderator.

Ironically, these different roles are introduced post suggestions and feedback from the various organizers at the demand of the events requirements.

So, below is the explanation for all four categories:

Host: Host (selected as Speaker & Host in dashboard agenda & schedule) has access to only session activities on FLOOR. He can stay backstage as well as can go Live on stage and participate in panel discussions.


  • Apart from FLOOR activities, Admin also has access to the back-end Partner Dashboard to modify/ update any information about the event and can also access the settings on FLOOR. To know more about their functions, kindly Click Here.
  • But, unlike Host, if he goes Live on stage, he will not be visible to audience and won't be able to participate unless he clicks on Join Panel as shown below. We recommend them not to join panel unless it is need of the hour!

Speaker: Speaker is the panelist invited by the organizer from outside to present the session. He has access to the speaker dashboard to upload handouts, can be at both backstage and front stage and participate in panel discussions.

Moderator: Moderator is from the organizing company who is on stage and moderates the session (panel discussion). His access and controls are exactly same as the speaker.

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