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How to attend the event on FLOOR

Below are steps one needs to follow to attend virtual event streaming on FLOOR.

  • The organizer will provide you with the registration link. (like

  • The registration page will look like this and you need to register first. Refer to the below image.

Here you can see different sign-in channels, you can sign in via LinkedIn, Facebook or Google, etc.

After Sign-in you will receive an email in your inbox on that address through which you've signed. You need to click on the "Click To Join" blue button. Refer to the image below.

In case of a paid event, you must have asked to enter a pin/Ticket. You need to enter the highlighted pin/ticket provided in the invite.

Visitors who have purchased the event ticket will only get the emails having a pin/ticket else, you won't be able to attend the event.

After purchasing the ticket still didn't get this email or were unable to enter FLOOR, connect with the event organizer immediately.


1. I have not received a confirmation email, post registering, what should I do?

There may be a few reasons for this:

a. You have not filled in the complete profile while registering.

b. You might have unsubscribed from our email notifications earlier (If you had been a 10times user)

c. You might be using a browser other than google chrome.

d. There might be some firewall security issues at your end.

e. Mail might have been delivered to your spam/ junk folder. Emails outside the organization's domain land in the spam/junk folder.

2. I am unable to login, what should I do?

Kindly refer to the article explaining various methods to join the session

In case of a paid event, if you have logged in earlier for ticket purchase then use the same email id to log in again.

3. After login, the session shows "event over", what should I do?

The event is a past one (got over), join the ongoing session, in green, from the left menu panel under the category Rooms.

Only the organizer and admin can log in to the past session.

4. I am not able to grab a meeting with an exhibitor, what should I do?

Only when the exhibitor has entered his room, he will be visible as "available", then you can grab a meeting with him.

5. I have a firewall installed. What to do?

Kindly refer to this article for VPN/ Firewall issues

6. How to access FLOOR from China?

Since Google Chrome and Safari do not work in China, so users need VPN to access from chrome. For this, please refer to this article.

7. Which browsers and devices are supported by FLOOR?

Please refer to this article

8. My mic/ camera is not working, what should I do?

  • First check if any other application using the camera is not open on your laptop, while using FLOOR (like Teams, Gmeet, Zoom etc)

  • You will see a small video icon where you enter URL(besides bookmark star). Click on that and allow permission to access your camera and microphone. Kindly refer to the screenshot below:

  • Click on the highlighted icon in your URL and allow Camera, Microphone and Sound.

  • 1. Click the troubleshoot icon in the upper right corner of your screen

    2. Select the desired Audio Input and Output from the dropdown menu under Microphone

    3. Select the desired Webcam Source from the dropdown menu under Camera

  • Refer to this article if still having audio/ video issues.

  • Refer to this article if your MAC camera/ microphone not working

  • Refer to this article if your iPhone camera/ microphone not working

9. It is asking for a joining code to login but I have not received any code

There are multiple methods to sign in and join the Floor. You can simply sign in using your email id or other sign in methods enabled by the organizer.

Please Note:

  1. The Platform works best on the Google Chrome browser.

  2. We highly recommend all users use a Laptop.

  3. Please be informed that FLOOR does not work in countries where VOIP is banned. (Guyana, Venezuela, Kuwait, Libya, North Korea, Oman, and Qatar).

  4. Please maintain a high-speed internet connection throughout to have a better experience.

  5. You may refresh the event page if required. Also, you may log out and log in again to have a seamless experience.

  6. Use the registered email id only to log in.

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