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Speakers checklist while accessing FLOOR
Speakers checklist while accessing FLOOR

Facing issue with login and while attending session. Technical issues. Troubleshooting.

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1. How to join the session with the Unique Link

  • Unique link will be provided by the organizer to join the event via email.

  • Each speaker has their own unique link to join the session on FLOOR.

  • Refer to your invite email and click on the highlighted option below:

  • If you haven't received the email for the unique speaker link, check your spam/junk folder. Emails outside the organization sometimes land in the spam/junk folder.

  • Please open this link in Google Chrome and ensure your VPN is turned off (Please log in 20 minutes before the session start time)

  • Once logged in to the platform using the link provided above, click on the Join button provided at the bottom of the screen.

  • Once you click on the join now you will enter the backstage of the platform.

  • When you want to GO on STAGE in front of the audience, please click on the Go Live button to join the live stage (this is when the audience will be able to see you

  • Once your session is over, you can click on the same button on the top right to go backstage.

  • To leave the room, click on the exit button provided at the bottom right of your screen.

    2. My mic/ camera is not working, what should I do?

  • First check if any other application using the camera is not open on your laptop while using FLOOR (like Teams, Gmeet, Zoom etc)

  • Please ensure there are no firewall securities in your system. To troubleshoot firewall/ VPN access, kindly refer to this article.

  • You will see a small video icon where you enter URL(besides bookmark star). Click on that and allow permission to access your camera and microphone. Kindly refer to the screenshot below:

  • Click on the highlighted icon in your URL and allow the Camera and Microphone to toggle on. You can also click on the Reset Permissions to do needful settings as required.

  • 1. Click the troubleshoot icon in the upper right corner of your screen, refer to the below image.

    2. Select the desired Audio Input and Output from the dropdown menu under Microphone

    3. Select the desired Webcam Source from the dropdown menu under Camera

  • Refer to this article if still having audio/ video issues.

  • Refer to this article if your MAC camera/ microphone not working

  • Refer to this article if your iPhone camera/ microphone not working

3. I am not able to share the screen from chrome in Apple MAC, what should I do?


  • Please refer to this article to know how to share a presentation on FLOOR

  • Also, please ensure while screen sharing you select "Entire Screen" by tapping on it (a blue frame around it will confirm that the screen has been selected) then your SHARE button will be clickable/ enabled to proceed further.

4. I am not audible to users, using the Safari browser, what to do?

By default, the safari browser puts the user on mute. Kindly unmute yourself from the top right section of the screen

Note: Refer to this article for Speaker Guide

5. Being a Speaker, I am unable to access Backstage. I can view the Live Stage but other panelists and admins cannot see me?

In this case, you have logged in as a visitor via the visitor link. Kindly ask the admin to share your Unique Speaker Link with you, to join as the speaker, and get access to Backstage & Go Live

6. I am at Backstage as a speaker but I cannot see the Go Live option/ button

This happens when the session is marked as over/ ended manually. (Kindly ask the admin to turn off the manual override status of the session).

7. I am not able to view videos of other speakers, what should I do?

Video stops due to low internet speed. Click on the troubleshoot icon on the right top of your screen, and check your internet strength. If required, you may click on reboot your system by clicking on that tab.

The recommended download speed is 8 MBPS

You can check your internet speed by referring to

It will show you the result in the below format

8. I have a firewall installed. What to do?

Kindly refer to this article for VPN/ Firewall issues

9. How to access FLOOR from China?

Since Google Chrome and Safari do not work in China, so users need VPN to access chrome. For this, please refer to this article.

10. Which browsers and devices are supported by FLOOR?

Please refer to this article

11. How do I access other sessions and other areas on Floor/

Do we get a separate link to attend other sessions?

You will have Speaker rights only on the session where you are added as a speaker. For the rest of the event sections, you will act as visitors. So you can navigate through the Agenda/ Stage and join any other session than yours. You can view and participate in them as the audience.

11. I have logged in using the Unique link and landed on Backstage, but the screen is showing black and there is a loader

This is due to cache, which you need to clear by following the steps below:

1. Click on the speaker link.

2. Once it opens, click on the highlighted icon below:

3. A new settings tab would open. Click on Clear Data

4. Click on Reset Permissions

Please Note:

  1. The Platform works best on Google Chrome browser.

  2. We highly recommend all users use a Laptop.

  3. Use your Unique Link only to join in.

  4. Please be informed that FLOOR does not work in countries where VOIP is banned. (Guyana, Venezuela, Kuwait, Libya, North Korea, Oman, and Qatar).

  5. Please maintain a high-speed internet connection throughout to have a better experience (8 Mbps).

  6. You may refresh the event page if required. Also, you may log out and log in again to have a seamless experience.

You may refer to this article for complete navigation of the Floor and can also refer to the video below:

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