How to create an event on FLOOR

Create your own FLOOR. Step-by-step guide to setup and manage your event on FLOOR.

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Most of us are having to make major adjustments to programs โ€“ cancelling in-person gatherings, scrambling to reschedule, or like, so many of us are going virtual.

Live Venue is a virtual real time page to host your online event. Itโ€™s a new way to imagine online events with all the essential solutions.

With event requirements changing, 10times offers a system that comes with over 100 modules to meet your needs. Our brand new FLOOR Video Conferencing Suite will help you host your virtual events a real boost.

FLOOR is a one-stop solution to manage, market, and monetize virtual events.

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(Refer to the GIF file below for better understanding)

Step 1: Login to URL

Step 2: Click on the field "Sign in with Google" and enter your credentials.

Important Note:

If your organizing company is already registered on 10times and you have the login credentials as an admin/ event manager to access the dashboard, then preferably, use the same email id and exact same company name.

Step 3: Update your profile (Name, Designation and Company), if you are a new user.

You may select the company from drop down, if you are an existing user.

Step 4: Select the format For Events (For businesses is yet to be launched), enable the toggle, only if it is a private event and click on Next

Step 5: You may customize your Floor layout by selecting, only the features and pages you require. Scroll and select and click on Next.

Step 6: Fill in the basic details about your event and click on Next

Step 7: Click on the admin link (in blue) to land on your event Floor.

Note: You can also find the common joining link above, for your visitors. You can copy and share the same by clicking on the blue icon.

Step 8: You will land on your event Floor backstage now. You may go to the Host Dashboard, highlighted below, to add information about your event.

Step 9: You will see the option "Content" through which you will land on to the organizer dashboard. Complete the Event Overview page and click on Submit.

Step 10: Click on Floor > Room & Layout from the left menu and design your Floor layout.

Step 11: STAGE

You can add the number of sessions from here. there are two default sessions provided, so if there are total 4 sessions, Click on + 2 and then Create.

Step 12: Select and edit the sessions one by one as explained below.

  • Add Speakers, Host, Admin or Moderators (select from the drop down) from "+Add Speaker" and fill in the necessary details.

  • Add background image, welcome video and logo for your event.

  • Once all the fields are entered, click on Save & Publish.

  • The joining links for all the participants will be instantly created.

  • You can copy or share & invite them from here itself in just one click.


  • All admins would be visible under Reception/ VIP on Floor. All speakers and host would be visible under VIP lounge.

Step 13: Private Session

Create the number of sessions applicable. Select the session one by one to add details similarly as in the step above.

Note: Session type will be Networking (Lounge) in this case

Step 14: VIP table

Create the number of speakers. Select the speaker to Add Speakers details.

Note: You may also change the order of the speakers from dashboard, so as to display in that required sequence in your VIP lounge on FLOOR

Step 15: Booth

Create the number of booths and select them to Add Exhibitors details.

You can also create Premium Booth, if any, in your event.

Step 16: Add other pages under Content section (tickets & prices, platform presence, photos, Sponsors etc) to enrich your event strength and boost its visibility on 10times event page.


  • Ticketing and Sponsorship are paid features and you need to upgrade your account for the same.

  • The changes made on dashboard will in real time reflect on Floor.

  • Kindly refer to our event submission guidelines to submit and publish your event

  • Kindly click here to know how to publish your event, saved in drafts

  • Click here and learn about host functions and control settings

For further clarification, you may also refer to our respective video on YouTube


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